A range of wine that takes up the must-sees of the Alsatian vineyard. Fruity Alsace wines, gouleyants, with an accented minerality.

Energie 2019

An invigorating blend (Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot gris), both frank, dry and slightly fruity. It will go perfectly with your aperitifs, mixed salads, quiches, light cheese.
The colors on the label refer to the 4 elements. We find them in biodynamie through: leaf, fruit, flower and root.
This wine comes (in part) from recently acquired plots, so it is in conversion to organic and biodynamic farming.

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Macération 2021

A wine of thirst, glutinous and pleasant on a beautiful balance, elaborated from a blend of 3 grape varieties. Can be enjoyed on any kind of occasion as an aperitif, or with a wide variety of dishes, such as fishes, white meats, winegrower pies, quiches lorraines, charcuterie or fresh cheeses.

Pinot Blanc Rayon de Lune 2020

An elegant wine with a beautiful aromatic intensity. The white flesh fruits (peach) and white flowers notes come mix together with a very well balanced structure finishing on a final freshness. This wine represents a right balance in the range of Alsace wines, and is used wherever the use of a dry white wine is a must, accompanying the most varied dishes (white meats, fishes, salads …).

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Riesling Granite 2020

Dry wine with a typical taste, pure and with a great delicacy around citrus notes (bergamot) and white flowers (elderflower) which brings a minerality and an outstanding freshness on the finish.

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Riesling La messe du matin 2021

A dry wine, with no added sulphur,partly matured in demi-muids (500L barrels); that has a great delicacy and complexity. Riesling goes wonderfully with the most delicate dishes and is out of comparison when it goes with oysters, fishes, shellfishes, seafood and of course sauerkraut.

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Muscat Fruité Croquant 2020

A semi-dry wine, bent on the inimitable fresh fruit of Muscat, moving towards menthol notes, and which brings an outstanding freshness on the finish. Can be perfectly enjoyed as a pre-dinner drink or at receptions. It also goes wonderfully with asparagus, fresh goat cheese, and fresh fruits desserts.

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Pinot Gris Symbiose 2020

Supple, refreshing and delicate with smoked aromas on a pretty fruitiness concentration that reveals a wide range of aromas (yellow flesh fruits, candied fruits). Pinot Gris matches perfectly with roasts, bushmeats, white and smoked meats, Baeckeofe and Flammekueche.

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Gewurztraminer Symbiose 2019

Semi-dry, round and delicate, this wine brings to light a great aromatic power while developing a strong fruit and flower character around an explosive bouquet of aromas (lychees, mango, rose…). Can be perfectly enjoyed as a pre-dinner drink and at receptions. Gewurztraminer happens to be a perfect match with exotic dishes and with full-bodied cheeses platters and fruit-based desserts.

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