Make a great compost, it’s a team work !

This week was dedicated to spreading our compost in different plots. In order to have the best quality possible, we made a compost with the help of our animals.

Explanations :

. The straw comes from a local producer and comes to cover the park of our horses

. The manure is then make by Flash and Reagan, the two Irish Cob of the domain

. To this is added the droppings of our chickens but their role goes much further: in the open air, they have the opportunity to go throughout the park and will allow to homogenize all the manure by scratching all.

. Finally, a biodynamic preparation (500 prepared) is deposited on the whole

But what is the point of compost ?

In Dambach-la-Ville, where soils are predominantly granitic, we can often be confronted with problems of water stress or vineyards that suffer because of very poor soils, especially on the lower slopes. Spreading compost will help to clean out weeds, concentrate dry matter and mineral elements, reorganize organic matter and thus bring a large number of additional bacteria to the soil.

Once all the compost is prepared, we deposit a pile in front of all the selected plots (those which therefore suffer generally more). The compost will be spread at a rate of 1 ton / ha and all with a smile!


Nature, man and animal cohabit perfectly